Switching from Mail to Airmail on iOS: 7 tips to get started

Those looking to ditch Apple’s stock Mail app for iOS already have plenty of options—from Google’s Gmail and Inbox to Microsoft’s Outlook for iOS—but now, there’s a new player on the field: Airmail, a sleek iPhone version of an already popular Mac mail client. Boasting dozens of customization options, one-tap inbox filters, and the ability… Read More »

6 reasons why I love being a PC gamer

I can’t quit you, PC gaming. Unlike some diehard “PC or nothing” enthusiasts, I don’t harbor any innate hatred toward consoles. Heck, my earliest gaming memory is of playing Super Mario Bros. until midnight, after my dad came home with a Nintendo tucked under his arm when I was five. I enjoyed the Xbox 360… Read More »

5 iOS apps for indulging in toxic single behaviors this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love will certainly be in the air this weekend. For single people, however, Valentine’s Day also brings up a flurry of far-less-flattering emotions, like frustration, loneliness, anger, jealousy, and the temptation to engage in some toxic single behaviors. Although the healthiest route might be distract yourself from this sappy holiday, sometimes… Read More »

Apple's iPhone sued for infringement of touch feedback patents

Haptic technology company Immersion has accused Apple and carrier AT&T of infringement of three of its patents in the latest iPhone models and Apple watches. Immersion, which claims over 2,100 issued or pending patents worldwide covering various aspects and commercial applications of haptic or touch feedback technology, has asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to… Read More »

Is the road to machine learning paved with API providers?

When it comes to machine learning, the future is already here, but it’s not yet evenly distributed. Taking advantage of breakthroughs in the field can require a lot of work, which is tough for small companies and those without a whole team to build custom applications and algorithms. According to Okta CEO Todd McKinnon, there’s… Read More »

Need data-science skills? Now your team can learn together

It’s an opportunity-filled world for those with data-science skills; for everyone else, the question is mostly how to get them. That’s where DataCamp comes in. Founded in late 2013, the online data-science school offers training for students and professionals alike, including those who want to make a career switch. More than a few of its… Read More »